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From field to finish using Trimble Access, Trimble Business Center and Autodesk Civil 3D.

Our main objective of this webinar is to show seamless utilization of feature codes in Trimble Access and process these codes in Trimble Business Center and Autodesk Civil 3D.

This will help you better utilize the power of using feature codes.

In Trimble Business Center we will cover editing a feature code library, bringing in linework and symbols for a Civil3D drawing, transferring the feature code library to Trimble Access field software and processing feature codes to automatically generate linework and symbols.

In Trimble Access we will demonstrate using measure codes to automate feature pick-up with feature codes.

In Autodesk Civil3D we will cover how to edit point and line databases, how to import field data from Trimble Access and processing point and linework.

Along with this webinar we have included a feature code library, an Autodesk Civil 3D symbols and linework drawing file, and feature database definition file for Civil 3D.


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