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Consumer Tablets for Mobile Mapping

We are often asked for recommendations on which consumer tablets are best for field data collection with apps such as Collector, Survey123 or TerraFlex. We won’t be recommending any one tablet in this article but will give suggestions on specs to consider before...

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See Frontier Precision at 2019 Esri UC

In just a few weeks, 19,000 professionals across industries will attend the Esri User Conference in San Diego for learning and networking opportunities.  Please make time in your busy schedule to stop by Booth 2027 to engage the Frontier Precision Mapping & GIS...

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DJI Phantom 4 RTK processing in Klau PPK Software

In this Tech Talk we show the workflow for processing PPK flights from your DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone in the Klau PPK software. This method allows DJI Phantom 4 RTK users to process their PPK flights using either the DJI D-RTK2 base station, or their own base stations...

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New Release – v1.6 Windows ULV Adulticiding

We’re excited to release a new version of Windows ULV software that contains some key features that many of our customers have been asking about.  Even though Windows ULV doesn’t require any Esri licensing, a lot of our users have FieldSeeker Core software, which uses...

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Frontier Precision Trimble R10-2 Tech Talk

Are you tired of using a third party application to get your receiver working properly with Esri Collector for ArcGIS? This video will show you how fast and easy it is to pair a dual-threat Trimble R10 Model-2 receiver for use in High Accuracy GIS applications.

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Mapping & GIS GPS Week Number Rollover

Are you covered for the GPS Week Number Rollover? As many of us are aware, there is an impending GPS Week Rollover coming on April 6th. Here is a statement released from Trimble. Trimble Mapping & GIS Handhelds and Receivers "A GPS week rollover will occur at the...

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Are you covered for the GPS Week Number Rollover?

As many of us are aware, there is an impending GPS Week Rollover coming on April 6th. We have had many users call in with concerns about their GNSS equipment being able to handle it. Here is a statement released from Trimble back in January. “A GPS week rollover will...

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Construction Site Water Quality Monitoring

Stormwater runoff from construction sites has been identified by the US EPA as a major source of pollution in rivers and streams. Construction sites immediately on or adjacent to rivers are especially scrutinized. In these cases, the contractor may be required to...

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