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Remote Water Quality & Level Monitoring Made Easy

Remote Water Quality & Level Monitoring Made Easy

The new VuLink cellular/satellite transmitter from In-Situ makes remote monitoring easier and more reliable than ever before. VuLink is optimized to work with In-Situ brand water quality and water level instruments with “one-touch setup” and can also be interfaced...

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Act Now for 2019 Tax Savings

Act Now for 2019 Tax Savings

Buy or lease the equipment you need now for big savings on your 2019 taxes! The Section 179 tax provision allows businesses to deduct the full cost of qualifying equipment and software purchased or leased by the end of the year.Most small and medium-sized...

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S-Series Service Warning

S-Series Service Warning

Have you seen the message indicating that your total station is due for servicing? A lot of times we are asked what this message means, and what should be done when this message appears. This message will come up as a reminder for your S-Series instrument after 3000...

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SX10 Topographic Scanning Tutorial: Field to Finish

SX10 Topographic Scanning Tutorial: Field to Finish

Often we get asked how to utilize SX10 scan data in TBC and Civil 3D for topographic surveying. Our friends at Trimble have put together an informative series of tutorials to help demonstrate this process. This tutorial video series demonstrates a topographic workflow...

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Automatic Water Sampler Comparison

Automatic Water Sampler Comparison

An automatic water sampler is essentially an intelligent pump that takes water from a source and deposits it into one or many bottles. Samplers can do this based on time, flow or some other externally measured parameter(s) such as rainfall, water quality, etc. An...

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Support Bulletin – Geoid 18

Support Bulletin – Geoid 18

Most of us are now aware of the release of Geoid 18 from NGS. OPUS is now providing Geoid 18 solutions, so a model for us to be able to use in our Trimble software is needed. Below is a support bulletin from Trimble outlining the now available download in the GGF...

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