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Automatic Water Sampler Comparison

Automatic Water Sampler Comparison

An automatic water sampler is essentially an intelligent pump that takes water from a source and deposits it into one or many bottles. Samplers can do this based on time, flow or some other externally measured parameter(s) such as rainfall, water quality, etc. An...

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Support Bulletin – Geoid 18

Support Bulletin – Geoid 18

Most of us are now aware of the release of Geoid 18 from NGS. OPUS is now providing Geoid 18 solutions, so a model for us to be able to use in our Trimble software is needed. Below is a support bulletin from Trimble outlining the now available download in the GGF...

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What’s New in FieldSeeker Windows ULV v1.7

What’s New in FieldSeeker Windows ULV v1.7

We’re excited to release a new version of FieldSeeker Windows ULV that has a couple of important new features and a variety of quality improvements.  The main things in this version are support for metric units, color changes for consistency with Frontier’s...

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Using the GIS Module for Trimble Business Center

Using the GIS Module for Trimble Business Center

In my latest tech talk, I collaborated with Troy Hernandez from our survey support team. With our combined expertise on GIS and Trimble Business Center, this video demonstrates how to transfer data from Trimble Access and TerraSync to a file geodatabase through the...

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Comparing mapping hardware and mobile apps

Comparing mapping hardware and mobile apps

For those of you looking to collect data with phones or tablets, check out our mobile app comparison. While all these apps have the standard mapping capabilities, each one has it's own functionalities that make them unique. Find the one that best fits your workflow....

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Trimble Dini Level Loop & Adjustment in TBC

Trimble Dini Level Loop & Adjustment in TBC

In this video we show how to run a simple closed loop level run, including side shots, with the Trimble Dini level. We demonstrate how to collect the data in the field, how to transfer to your computer and how to import the data file in to Trimble Business Center. We...

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