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Did you know that bringing GIS data to the field doesn’t have to be difficult? Esri® Collector for ArcGIS has made gathering data and information in the field simple and easy!

Use your smart phone or tablet with Collector for ArcGIS to replace paper forms.  Data collected goes directly into ArcGIS so people in the office see exactly what the users in the field see.  Collector integrates directly with your favorite Trimble GNSS Solutions (R1, R2, R10 Model 2, and Catalyst) for high-accuracy positioning.

Collector for ArcGIS Supports:

  • Photo Attachments (also supports videos and audio recordings)
  • GIS Schema
  • High-Accuracy Data Collection (with position averaging)
  • Directly integrates with Trimble GNSS solutions
  • Offline Data Collection (work anywhere)
  • Seamless integration with your GIS

Interested in using Collector for ArcGIS to collect data, assets, and information?
Contact Frontier Precision to find out how!