The Trimble TDC100 runs the Android OS, so it’s important that before you begin, make sure to get the Geode Connect App from the Play Store.   This app allows you to configure the settings inside the Geode.  Here are the recommended settings:

  1. Turn on the Juniper Systems Geode
  2. On the TDC100, tap the Menu icon, then Preferences
  3.  Select the units and position format per your preference
  4.  Check Enable Mock Location Provider
    •  This feature allows the TDC100 to use an external GNSS receiver rather than the internal one.
    •  Scroll down the page and check Enable Mock Location Provider
    • Tap the Save icon in the lower right corner
  5. Back to the menu icon and tap Device Setup
  6. Select the Geode
  7. Tap the Settings icon in the lower right corner
    • Environment: Custom
    • Update Rate: 1hz
    •  NMEA/Logging: make sure to check the following messages:
      • GGA
      • GLL
      • GNS
      • GSA
      • GST
      • GSV
      • RMC
      • RRE
      • VTG
    • Active GNSS Constellations:
      • GPS
      • GLONASS
    • Select your preferred NMEA Precision (remember your units selection)
    • Ignore the Binary Messages: all unchecked
    • Tap Advanced
      • SBAS – Auto
      • Receiver Mode: all unchecked
  8. You can explore the Satellite icon and view the Skyplot or the Terminal icon and see the NMEA data stream in real time
  9. Force close the Geode App
  10. Open Esri Collector
  11. Tap the Menu icon in the lower right corner
  12. Tap Settings
    • Tap the Accuracy item and enter your preference
    • Tap Location Provider and select Geode
      • If the Geode is not selectable, tap Add a receiver and select Geode
      • You can tap the menu icon and select an antenna height if you wish
    • Tap General and select:
      • Units of Measurement
      • Map Downloads and Sync (Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi or cellular)
      • Push Only (Off or On)
  13. Back to All Maps in Collector
  14. Select a Map
  15. Tap the Location icon in the lower left corner to view accuracy details




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