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Have you ever found yourself bouncing back and forth through the ribbons in ArcPad to access the various icons needed for data collection? I have and it can be a bit clumsy; not to mention the time wasted can add up. Although the favorites feature has been around for many years now, I believe that it is underutilized and felt the need to share this with those who, like myself, want to continue to do things more efficiently.

When you open ArcPad 10.x, there is a small, somewhat obscure down arrow icon.  That brings you to a menu where you’ll want to choose Toolbars and select Toolbar Settings…

11-15-2013 3-25-59 PM

11-15-2013 3-28-16 PM

Then in  your Favorites tab you can build your favorites ribbon.

11-15-2013 3-28-36 PM

 I like this to include my top 9-10 most used icons so I can be as productive from one ribbon as possible without having to scroll over. 

11-15-2013 3-26-58 PM

Give this a try and I assure you, at the very least, you’ll be tapping around the screen much less!