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Thanks to those of you who were able to make it out to the event this year!  We hope you enjoyed everything there was to offer.  If you weren’t able to attend this years ESRI UC, here is an overview of some new ESRI products that just came out or are soon to release.

AppStudio for ArcGIS:

AppStudio for ArcGIS gives users the ability to create their own GIS apps. These apps can then be shared across an enterprise or even in mobile app stores such as Google Play, Apple and Microsoft.  It allows users to turn their existing GIS work into consumer-friendly mobile apps without needing any knowledge of coding; therefore, you can save money on development.  Choose your template, change the settings, test it on any Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, or Linux device, generate installation files, and finally, publish!

ArcGIS Earth:

ArcGIS Earth will be a free Windows desktop app that makes viewing 2D and 3D maps instant and easy for anyone within your enterprise.  In its first release, users will be able to directly view and query Shapefiles, CSV files, KML/KMZ files, web layers, and feature services shared in ArcGIS Online.  It is planned to launch at the end of 2015.

Navigator for ArcGIS:

Navigator for ArcGIS is soon to release and will allow the user to navigate to where he or she needs to be. Similar to Google Maps, the Navigator for ArcGIS app is easy to use and allows for multiple modes of transportation such as walking, driving or trucking.  It has voice guidance, location searching, and automatic route recalculation features.  However, the big advantage of Navigator is its full integration with ArcGIS. The user can work seamlessly between other ArcGIS apps such as Collector, all in a disconnected environment. This means having the ability to route to specific features on your own maps. To use Navigator for ArcGIS you must have an ArcGIS online account that has been configured with a Navigator for ArcGIS license. Initially, the app will run on iOS, with Android and Windows compatibility in the future.

ArcGIS Pro:

ArcGIS Pro is a new application that is part of ArcGIS for Desktop which can be run side by side with your existing ArcMap program. It provides certain functions not available in ArcMap such as

  • Product based workflows
  • Combined 3D/2D visualization
  • 64-bit support
  • Multiple layout support

With ArcGIS Pro the user can render and process data faster than ever, as well as design and edit in 2D and 3D, work with multiple displays and layouts, and publish finished web maps to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.