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When time matters most, have eyes in the water in seconds. ROVs are the perfect tool to conduct underwater inspections.

Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) provide real-time visual and allow you to deploy tailor-made tools, such as: sonar, to navigate and locate through turbid waters; and a grabber arm, to retrieve victims or evidence. Deep Trekker Pipe Crawlers are depth rated to 50 m (164 ft) underwater. Inspect immediately without having to wait for jet or pump trucks.

Automated remote monitoring products can increase your on-site safety and give you increased confidence with your results.

Trimble Monitoring connects geospatial professionals, construction managers, and mining and dam operators to crucial assets, providing up-to-the-minute data on condition and movement of structures or land. Senceive Monitoring delivers stable, precise and highly user-friendly data anywhere in the world from your geotechnical monitoring and structural monitoring installations.


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Andrew Munson, Technical Sales Representative – Monitoring
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