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In collaboration with Frontier Precision and Skyfront, come and watch a complete workflow and a live demonstration of YellowScan’s brand new product, the Explorer, along with the YellowScan Mapper.

Session will be conducted on November 18 from 8:30am – 4:00pm PST at Hilton Garden Inn
6070 Monterey Rd | Gilroy, CA 95020


• Presentation

• Data acquisition with the YellowScan Explorer and Mapper on Skyfront’s hybrid powered Perimeter 8 multirotor

• Lunch

• Data Processing

• Q&A with YellowScan, Frontier Precision, and Skyfront




The YellowScan Explorer can be mounted on a light manned aircraft or switched to different types of UAV platforms.

The YellowScan Explorer is the first LiDAR that can be mounted on a light manned aircraft or helicopter and be switched to a UAV platform like the DJI M300. This versatility allows the end user to tackle a wide range of projects with the proven ease-of-use of YellowScan’s UAV LiDAR solutions.



The Next Generation of Integrated UAV LiDAR Solution

YellowScan Mapper is the next generation of integrated LiDAR solution. It’s low weight, mid-range capability, top-end point density and advanced accuracy and precision, makes it the best value for money in our portfolio. It is dedicated to UAV borne mapping applications.


Skyfront Perimeter 8

The Easiest, Safest, and Longest Endurance Hybrid Multirotor on the Market

The Perimeter 8 UAV features an impressive 17 lb. / 7.5 kg payload capacity with 1 hour of endurance and a no-payload endurance of over 5 hours. The Perimeter 8 is just as easy to operate as the Perimeter 4, but has full propeller, motor, and ESC redundancy. This redundancy in addition to electronic fuel injection and a 5 minute battery backup reserve flight time ensures the safety of high-value payloads.



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