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Ever have projects where you were unable to get sufficient cellular coverage for VRS connectivity? Have you been in that situation without a base station to set up and use in the field? If so, Frontier Precision has an exciting and cost-effective solution to hep in these situations…… the RTK Bridge by Intuicom. The RTK Bridge is designed to dial into a VRS network, or any other online reference station, via a built-in cellular connection. It receives the correction stream and outputs the RTK corrections over a UHF radio transmission. This is similar to an RTK base radio, but without the need for an RTK base receiver.

RTK Bridge

The RTK Bridge supports a wide variety of cellular providers including Verizon and AT&T. It can also reduce the cost of cellular plans by eliminating the need for every rover in the field to have an individual cellular connection. The RTK Bridge is fully compatible with Trimble GNSS systems and supports CMR+ and CMRx. If you would like more information, choose the links below or contact your local sales representative.

Intuicom GNSS Survey Solutions

RTK Bridge Data Sheet

Survey and Construction Case Study