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The Faro Focus 3D is a lightweight, compact laser scanner designed for high-speed detailed mesaurments. The Focus 3D has a range of up to 120 meters and scans at a rate of just under 1 million points per second. It has a fully integreted LCS touch screen display that controlls the whole scanning process. The Focus 3D also has an integrated altimiter for added height information to your scan. This sensor is helpful when scanning on different levels of a building. The data can then be used to differentiate between floors. The Focus 3D also has an internal electric compass to associate directional data with your scans to aid in the registration process. A dual axis compensator has also been added to minimize the number of targets needed and to integrate every scan with level information. Lastly, the Focus 3D also has integrated WiFi. This allows you to see the same scanner display on your laptop or WiFi enabled cell phone. This allows you to control the scanner remotely and avoid being in the are to be scanned. If you would like more information on this exciting new product, contact your local sales representative.