Forensic Reconstruction Solutions

Trimble Forensics is the new name for a complete, end-to-end hardware and software solution designed specifically to help law enforcement and private sector agencies handle the toughest information-collection challenges. And it’s not only backed by highly trained Trimble experts who are committed to the law-enforcement mission, it comes with unparalleled service, training and local support.

Capture, Collect, Examine!

Crash Reconstruction


There’s now a simple, powerful end-to-end solution for collecting, documenting, and analyzing the data at crime and crash scenes. With Nikon, Spectra, and Trimble Total Stations, combined with the powerful Trimble Reveal (formally Visual Statement) forensic mapping software, you can reduce disruption, costs, and risk to personnel.


Lightweight and compact, the
Nikon Nivo M+ Total Station
combines superior Nikon
optics with powerful, easy-to-use software.
The result is efficient
data collection, reliable
calculation, and streamlined
workflows for any forensic application.

The Trimble S7 Robotic Total
Station with Vision Imaging
Technology captures
everything at the scene.
Capture evidence robotically,
with photos, or with
reflectorless operation all
within this reliable,
easy to use system.

The Trimble SX10 Scanning
Robotic Total Station combines
robotic measurement, laser
scanning, and photo imaging
within the same powerful
system. Using the total
station workflow makes
this device the ultimate
evidence measurement device
in the industry.

The Trimble TX6 is a cost
effective laser scanner to
capture scenes fast and
accurately. Featuring the
Trimble Lightning technology
assures you one of the
clearest, accurate, and rich
datasets on the market.

Forensic Diagramming


With the new Trimble SX10, combining Robotic Total Station measurement with high speed Laser Scanning, you can do what takes normally two instruments to do, with only one! Using a Total Station workflow, registering scans is a thing of the past, making this the most efficient and simple mapping solution on the market today!


With the Trimble TDC100
you get the convenience of a
smartphone and the precision
of Trimble data collection
technology, all in one rugged
handheld device.

The Trimble Tablet
provides powerful field
software for Trimble SX10
including measurement
and scanning features
in a Windows Tablet


Trimble Forensics Capture
data collector software is one
powerful tool that simplifies the
process of collecting forensics
evidence at the scene and then
analyzing that data later. Capture
assists in precisely collecting
and recording, and then
downloads that data seamlessly
to your desktop software.

Trimble Reveal enhances the
process of capturing and
diagramming scenes increasing
accuracy and reliability. Features 2D
and 3D diagrams with 2D
or optional 3D animation.
Reveal Scanning Module: Trimble
Reveal Scanning Module allows you
to analyze registered point clouds,
producing an array of deliverables.

Trimble RealWorks
provides simple
segmentation, and
classification of
your scan data,
prepping it for
Trimble Forensics

Crime Scene Investigation


With solutions from Trimble, Microdrones, DelAir Tech, DJI, and Pix4D, Frontier Precision provides a suite of Drone Mapping and Investigation tools that complement our existing mapping and forensic portfolio. Map a scene for fast and safe data acquisition, that is measurable and geo-referenced. Our drones can also be deployed for Search and Rescue activities using digital or thermal imagery.


The Microdrones md4-1000 is a
professional drone for accident
incident documentation
and mapping. Swap out
the payload with a thermal
sensor for search and rescue

DJI offers several low cost
drone devices for crime
scene documentation and

Create measurable and
georeferenced data of
accident or crime scenes,
strictly from images.


Frontier Precision has a 30-year plus track record of helping you provide a measure of excellence. It all ladders back to our core philosophy of How You Measure Matters. It’s why each day, we seamlessly connect the physical and digital worlds through technology to improve how we all better interact with the earth in meaningful ways. Our tools and solutions make you more efficient, productive, and most importantly, profitable.


Frontier Precision knows that every measurement its customers take is important. It’s why Frontier Precision not only offers the latest, cutting-edge measurement tools, but also understand the continuing need for service and support — because How You Measure Matters encompasses the total customer experience.

Professional Services

From Geospatial Services to GIS Professional Services to Water Resources Data Acquisition Services, Frontier Precision delivers leading-edge measurement technology. We’ve been there, every centimeter of the way, as geospatial technology has evolved. No matter what your need for accurate measurement, we have the experience and expertise to create a customized solution for you.


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We give you the proper training on the solutions we sell. Sign up for Professional Certified Training to get up and running quickly — all backed by the most experience in the industry. Whether onsite, online or in the classroom, we are helping make our customers efficient, productive, and profitable with today’ s and tomorrow’s technology.


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Frontier Precision’s measure of excellence can be traced back to 1988. Four years later, in 1991, Frontier Precision partnered with Trimble — a United States-based GPS equipment manufacturer at the time, and the rest is history. Since then, Frontier Precision has grown with Trimble to be one their largest and best geospatial distributors in the world.

We’ve been at the frontier of technology for three decades, continually offering customers new tools and solutions, all with our end goal in mind to help make our customers efficient, productive, and profitable with today’s and tomorrow’s technology. Frontier Precision is an employee-owned company — each of our team members is committed to your success.

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