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This one and a half hour session addressed some of the common issues surveyors are seeing with using different Datums, Adjustments, Geoid Models, and Geoid Model Interpolations. We discussed how to properly use the 2011 Datum in the Trimble software. OPUS solutions and NGS Datasheets are now providing results in this Datum. We have had numerous requests for clarification on this difficult subject, that has caused a lot of questions in the field. Explanations were provided about the differences in NAD83 (Conus) (i.e. 86/96 adjustment), NAD83 (2011), Geoid 12A, WGS84 Geoid interpolation vs. Local Geoid interpolation, etc. Field and office workflow for using the various Datums and Geoid Models properly was also demonstrated. Thank you to everyone who attended. The session is now available for viewing at the link below. Also linked below is a PDF copy of the presentation slides.

Video: NAD83, Datums, & Geoid Models (06/11/13)

Presentation Slides: NAD83, Datums, & Geoid Models (06/11/13)