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The National Geodetic Survey has recently released the latest geoid model, GEOID12. GEOID12 is a refined hybrid model of the geoid in the United States and other territories, which supersedes the previous models GEOID09, GEOID06, GEOID03, GEOID99, GEOID96, GEOID93, and GEOID90.

This model is intended for converting between the NAD83 ellipsoid reference frame resulting from the National Adjustment of 2011 and vertical datums NAVD88, GUVD04, ASVD02, NMVD03, PRVD02 and VIVD09.

The download for GEOID12 is now available on the NGS and Trimble Websites. This model should be used in conjunction with the NAD83 2011 adjustment.  Click the image to access more information about this model from the National Geodetic Survey website. For any other questions, contact our Technical Support Staff at (888) 797-4774.