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You know that GeoJot+ enables your organization to quickly capture field data on mobile devices with geotagged photos, automatically upload the photos and data to the cloud, then process the information back in the office creating reports, maps and database input.

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But did you know:

  • If you are collecting data in remote or disconnected areas, GeoJot+ will queue the data and send it when you are back in cell phone or WiFi coverage.  You can also upload data via USB or email.
  • You can access the web-based Administrators Dashboard to deactivate licenses, making them available for other iOS and Android devices in your organization.
  • New functionality has been added to speed up processing and decrease file sizes in the GeoJot+ Core desktop software.
  • GeoJot+ now runs on the new Trimble T41 and Trimble Juno and you can link via Bluetooth to higher accuracy GPS units.
  • GeoJot+ integrates with ArcGIS through an extension.

There will be more GeoJot+ news coming next month.  Please contact us if you are interested in, customized forms or functionality, or if you need to extend your evaluation period.  If you haven’t tried GeoJot+, start your free trial today!

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