Geospatial Services

Your truck is more than a truck. It’s your support vehicle for 360-degree imaging technology. Vehicle-mounted laser scanning means quick mobile mapping solutions for geospatial surveys. In-house data processing, feature extraction, and training services are also provided.

Use the industry’s leading-edge technology without committing long-term capital to technology that may not have a long-term fit. The expert team at Frontier Precision UAS/Imaging Services can help when you have a need for mobile/static scanning or UAS services, but lack the expertise or equipment to meet the requirements of the job. Now you can “test drive” our latest technology without the expense of owning it until you need it.

Frontier VRS is a service provided by Frontier Precision in our Anchorage, Alaska region. The Virtual Reference Stations (VRS) service provides continuously reliable Real Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections to any GNSS rover and machine, and offers users the ability to post-process data.

Monitoring infrastructure, bridges, dams, and subsidence has never been more important. We offer monitoring consultation with the best technology from Trimble.

Stay on top of what’s possible with our in-house technical training courses. Classes cover all of our products and software for GNSS and conventional surveying and mapping.

Frontier Precision is committed to proper training on the solutions we sell. Sign up for Professional Certified Training to get you up and running fast, with the most experience in the industry.


Frontier Precision provides world-class solutions for a wide variety of industries using leading products, training, technical services and more.

Technical Services


If you require customized technical services and training, please contact Frontier Precision at 800-359-3703 or reach out to a local Frontier Precision location.

Training and Events


Frontier Precision offers affordable regularly scheduled certified training classes, online eLearning, webinars, as well as custom training options to meet your specific training needs.