GIS Day 2018 is here!

With the ease of access to data and information at our fingertips, we often forget how we got to where we are.  No, not in your office chair or at the coffee shop where you are reading this, but with technology.  Today we can engage with our data like never before through the mass adoption of Web GIS.  ArcGIS Online has made Web GIS a household name in the geospatial community. Maps can be shared with anyone and on any digital device. However, as technology becomes easier to implement, simple processes and methodologies still need to be put into action to make it all work seamlessly.

We regularly work with clients to solve complex problems, but often times it’s the simple ones that matter the most – like data management.  Much of it falls into having a proper plan in place to efficiently and effectively manage data. None of the new whiz-bang technology can be successfully implemented without it.

These are the some of the simple challenges GIS users are met with every day.

  • All of our data is stored in shapefiles.
  • We don’t know where the data came from.
  • Our data is not lining up on the map.
  • We found out our other department is not using the current data set.

These challenges can create confusion in every direction while trying to track down the correct sources of data, knowing which version is current, and knowing where the data originally came from. Metadata is becoming an afterthought, instead of a forethought. Often times these challenges can slow project completion, and provide inaccurate analysis.

As we collectively move forward with new technology, remember that planning is a key part of successful implementation to any functional GIS.  Data management starts with a plan and a strategy to implement.   If you are just starting out or are at crossroads with your GIS – Frontier Precision offers GIS planning and strategy to help you create a road map of your vision.

Contact us today to and let’s plan your new direction together!



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