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Esri’s User Conference is less than a month away in San Diego.  Frontier Precision will be promoting many different technologies and services during the conference, including services for GIS, mosquito/vector control, local government, transportation, UAS, 3D imaging, surveying or water resource applications, but here are some highlights.

GIS Services

Our GIS Professional Services team will be attending the conference and will be presenting one of our current projects with Comprehensive Life Resources regarding homeless outreach and other human services. Check out the story map to see the great work they are doing and how GIS is being used to improve their organization. See the presentation details for time and location.

For those of you looking to improve your organization’s GIS by migrating data to a standard database model, expanding your mobile data collection workflow, or automating ArcGIS Online workflows with, come talk to our knowledgeable professional services team. The Esri platform is a simple way to view and edit maps in the field. We can make recommendations for those looking to collect high accuracy data with apps such as Collector. We can help to ensure you are utilizing your data in the most effective way and getting the most from your GIS.



Vector Control Solutions

Our mosquito developers have been busy this year in create some new applications. Frontier is planning a new release which includes a new FieldSeeker Cross-Platform Mobile Application and JavaScript Office web application for Larviciding (with Storm Drain Treatment), Surveillance and Service Request workflows.  The mobile app will provide support for all major device types and will be provided through the Apple, Google and Windows stores.  Both the mobile and web applications are built around Esri web maps and ArcGIS Online.  This new release will also be the recommend path forward for current Sentinel customers. If you are looking for more interaction with the community, there is a new Public Notification app. The Public Notification app is a cloud-based system and comes with a web app, which district personnel uses to manage information provided to the mobile app.  Residents can download the free Apple or Android app and subscribe to receive notifications for their specific area.

Northwest GIS User Group

Frontier will be a gold sponsor of the NWGIS User Group meeting. This is a great opportunity to socialize with other GIS users in your area. See the event details for the time and location. Be sure to stop by our booth that day for a free drink ticket.

images drones ux11 product pictures with background front left

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Solutions

Frontier will be showcasing the Delair UX11 which is a UAS solution in a variety of industries such as surveying, construction, oil & gas, utilities, mining, agriculture and transportation. We will be hosting a lunchtime session demonstrating the UX11 aerial mapping and Esri’s Drone2Map processing to bring the data into Esri’s data platform. We’ll also showcase how to we use Survey123 for recording drone project information. See the session details for time and location.


Geospatial Hardware

We will have the latest gear on display at our booth including the following:

Trimble T10 tablet is a ruggedized Windows 10 tablet.

Trimble R1 and R2 GNSS receiver are external receivers that can connect to Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Trimble Catalyst with DA1 external antenna that can connect to Android devices.

Juniper’s Mesa 2 tablet is a ruggedized Windows 10 tablet.

Juniper Geode GNSS receiver is an external receiver that can connect to Windows 10 and Android devices.

Delair UX11 UAV – professional mapping drone solution.

GeoSLAM’s handheld laser scanner is lightweight and maps highly accurate 3D modeling which can be used in Esri products

ikeGPS Spike a laser rangefinder that connection to an Android or iOS device.

Laser Technology 360 and 200x TruPulse rangefinder that connect to Windows, Windows Mobile, and Android devices.

We know your schedule will be jam packed with tech sessions and user presentations, but don’t forget to stop by booth number 2027. We will be happy to assist you with any upcoming product sales, rentals, professional services, training, technical support and repair services. We love to hear from our customers both old and new.