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Land Mobile Imaging Services

Land Mobile Imaging

We are excited to announce our vehicle-mounted spatial imaging solutions for robust data collection, processing and extraction. Rapidly collect accurate, geo-referenced information for planning, design, build and maintenance purposes, while maximizing safety and portability. Data processing is done in-house, as well as the option for feature extraction and deliverable creation services for those customers needing a full end to end solution.

We also offer customized training to get you up and running with your own mobile imaging package. Utilize our mobile imaging services to maximize your efforts.

Deliverables & Applications

We are able to provide a variety of deliverables for applications, including:

  • Colorized Point Clouds
  • 360-Degree Imagery
  • Attribute-Rich Point, Line and Area Features
  • Digital Terrain Models and Contour Maps
  • Volume Calculations
  • And More…


  • Road Corridor Inventory Mapping & Inspection
  • Rail Corridors
  • Utilities
  • Environmental
  • Construction, Mining and Quarries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Waterways, Ports, & Harbors
  • Route Planning & Bridge Clearances
  • Historical Documentation



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