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Imagine how much more productive all your fieldwork could be if you didn’t have to occupy the locations you needed to map or measure.  By using a laser rangefinder,  users can record offsets and attributes of hundreds of features from a single spot with or without GPS.     A wide variety of standalone applications for the laser rangefinder also benefit from the ability to calculate height, distance, inclination and azimuth.   There are several laser rangefinders to choose from.  So which one is best for your application?  Well, we’ve tried to make that decision easier for you by updating our Laser Rangefinder Comparison with some of the latest options available.  Here we compare range to target, accuracy, ruggedness,  price and more.

Laser Technology’s TruPulse Series vs. Trimble’s Laser Ace vs. New Geo 7x Laser Comparison

In related news, Laser Technology, Inc. released their Lasersoft Measure App downloadable from the AppStore or Googleplay.