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The new version 4.84 firmware is now available for R10, R8, R6, R4 and R7 users. Note that this firmware is not compatible with all models of the listed receiver types. See the release notes for more information.

The 4.84 firmware has all of the new R10 enhancements that were covered in our Surveying Without Boundaries webinar, as well as some other enhancements and fixes for the other receiver models.

[Click here for the release notes]

We have also noticed that with this new firmware, there is a different light sequence on the receivers when shutting them down. When the power button is pressed, the power LED and satellite LED turns on solid, and the radio LED is off. After 2 seconds the satellite LED turns off. Once the power button is released, the power LED stays on until the receiver is completely shut down.

For additional questions, please contact us at survey_support@frontierprecision.com