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In today’s busy world people are looking for convenience and efficiency. Customers are not always able to dedicate two to three full days out of the office to attend training on-site, not to mention the cost of travel to do so. On-demand training allows users to learn their products and software from the same quality Frontier Precision instructors, but at their pace and convenience. Below are some of the benefits for On-demand training with Frontier Precision.

  • Learn at your own pace and convenience
  • Ability to pause, go back or repeat lessons
  • Capability to take the training multiple times
  • Necessary documents and data sets provided with the training
  • No distractions from other attendees from a live in-person session
  • On-demand training is flexible and cost effective
  • Easily accessible for people who would typically have to travel a long distance to attend live
  • Classes are continually updated as products and software evolve over time

Register for an On-demand Training and get One Year Free Access to Learning Lab, Frontier Precision’s portal of technical resources covering MGIS, SURVEY, SCANNING and UNMANNED topics. Endless information to make you more productive and profitable – 24/7. ($29.95 Value)

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Available on-demand training courses

Trimble RTX – The Next Utility: FREE

In this session we give an overview of Trimble’s RTX technology and its advantages to GNSS users across the world. RTX is a technology that uses a correction technology called Precise Point Positioning (PPP). We will look at current coverage across the US and the world, as well as how the RTX system works. Also we discuss some tips and trick about when and where RTX works best.

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Introduction to GNSS Surveying: FREE

In this session we discuss the background of what GNSS is, how it works and what errors come into play when using this type of technology. We also provide information on how GNSS determines positions and what coordinate reference it uses. This is a great starting point for anyone new to GNSS surveying, or a great refresher for users that have any level of GNSS experience.  

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GNSS Modernization: FREE

In this course we discuss GNSS modernization and it impacts on surveying. We will cover legacy and current GNSS satellite constellations and signals, as well as what changes are currently being made to address the future.

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Understanding and Incorporating NGS OPUS Solutions: $75.00 (Approx. 1.5 hours)

In this course we take a deep dive into how the OPUS platform works from NGS, detailing the differences between OPUS-S and OPUS-RS. The solution reports from OPUS are broken down and discussed what is contained within them and what users should look for. We also discuss alternative processing sources such as Trimble RTK and how these solutions can be checked and integrated into Trimble Business Center.

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How to Prepare for the NGS 2022 Datum: $75.00 (Approx 1.5 hours)

In this discussion we go through the background and history of datums and adjustments, and then discuss how surveyors can prepare for the new 2022 datum being released from NGS.

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GNSS Site Calibrations in Trimble Access – $125.00 (Approx. 2.5 hours)

This course is a “Deep Dive” into Trimble’s Site Calibration Routine. Both COGO Settings and Calibration Settings are reviewed and explained. We will perform an actual Site Calibration on GNSS data I collected in the field (NO CANNED DATA). We will also take a in-depth line by line analysis of the Site Calibration Report and conduct recommended “Inverse” functions for Quality Control applications.

In this course we will cover:

  • GNSS Site Calibration Project Settings
  • Site Calibration Theory (Part 1)
  • Site Calibration Theory (Part 2)
  • Performing the calibration
  • Site Calibration Report
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Trimble Business Center – CAD Functions: $195.00 (Approx. 4.5 hours)

Trimble Business Center offers a variety of CAD creation and editing tools that gives users the ability to complete full site drawings quickly without the need for a 3rd party CAD software package. This Trimble Business Center training class emphasizes the use of those CAD tools and functions. You will need a TBC Advanced license in order to perform all of the commands found within this training. Sample data will be provided to students once registered.

It is highly recommended that registrants have existing TBC knowledge prior to attending this course!

These are the topics that will be covered in this class:

  • Importing CAD files & Layer Management
  • Image Georeferencing – Creating Points
  • Creating Polylines
  • Creating Circles
  • Creating Rectangles
  • Creating Arcs
  • Creating Linestrings
  • CAD Editing Tools
  • CAD Command Line
  • CAD Text, Labels, and Dimensions
  • CAD in Cutting Plane View
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Feature Coding in Trimble Access & Trimble Business Center: $195 (Approx. 4.5 hours)

In this course we provide a full overview on working with Feature Codes in Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center. You will start at the beginning with creating a new library and importing codes lists and reference files in Feature Definition Manger. Then we will go over all of the feature types, settings and options, then show field collection and finally processing to create lines and symbols. This class is intended for users that have some experience with data collection and office processing.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview: What are feature codes?
  • Feature Definition Manager, Importing from Files
  • Point Features
  • Line Features & Line Control Codes
  • Block Features & Block Control Codes
  • Polygon Features
  • Groups (Measure Codes)
  • Attributes
  • Field Collection Methods
  • Creating/Editing Feature Codes in TBC, Exporting Updates
  • Processing  & Editing Features
  • Exports & Reports
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Trimble Robotic Total Station Surveying: $75 (Approximately 4 hours)

In this 4 hour virtual class we cover many things related to surveying with your Trimble Robotic Total Station. We break down the different collimations and calibrations that should be done in the field, then dive into Trimble Access and show the various functions andways to perform your robotic survey.

Introduction to Baseline Processing & Network Adjustment: $195.00 (Approx. 3 hours)

In this course we provide an introduction to Baseline Processing and Network Adjustment of static GNSS data in Trimble Business Center. This is very useful and robust workflow for obtaining accurate positions for your surveys and control networks using Least Squares calculations on your GNSS data. This method also offers the most flexibility in terms of data editing and manipulation over traditional RTK.

Topics covered:

  • Project and Baseline Processing Settings
  • Import GNSS Data and Internet Download
  • Time Based View, Data Cleanup and Independent Baseline Analysis
  • Session Editor
  • Process Baselines
  • Baseline Processing, GNSS Loop Closure and Point Derivation Reporting
  • Network Adjustment Settings
  • Minimally Constrained Adjustments
  • Network Adjustment Report
  • Fully Constrained Adjustments
Course Preview Video

Trimble Business Center – Getting Started: $225.00 (Approx. 4.5 hours)

In this course we provide a full overview of getting started with Trimble Business Center. You will start at the beginning with installing the software, then basic data processing, and finishing with exporting and creating reports. This class is intended for new or inexperienced users. It will also be a great fit for anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with the background workings of the software.

Topics Covered:

  • Installation & Licensing
  • Start Page & Creating a New Project
  • User Interface & Customization
  • Support Tap & Options Window
  • Project Settings
  • Import Data, Properties Pane, Measuring
  • Tabs, Views & Spreadsheets
  • Project Explorer & View Filter Manager
  • Selection Tools & Selection Explorer
  • History Log
  • Reports
  • Export Data
Course Preview Video

Trimble Business Center – Surface Models: $150.00 (Approx. 3 hours)

In this course we go in-depth into working with surface models within Trimble Business Center. This course is intended for people who have already completed an introductory Trimble Business Center class or have sufficient knowledge of the basic aspects of the software. This course requires at minimum, a license for Surface Modeling and Survey Intermediate.

Topics Covered:

  • Working with conventional and point cloud data
  • Basic feature code processing
  • Surface creation and surface editing
  • Basic point cloud functions
  • Creating contours and cut/fill maps
  • Merging surfaces
  • Volume calculations and reports
  • Exports to data collector, CAD and other 3rd party software
Course Preview Video

Trimble Business Center – Scanning Module: $250.00 (Approx. 5 hours)

Trimble Business Center is a terrific software package for working with point cloud data sets. Its ability to import a variety of point cloud formats makes it extremely valuable for combining data from multiple sensors. This TBC training course will teach students about the numerous processing, viewing, and deliverable capabilities of TBC while working with point cloud data sets. You will need a TBC Advanced + Scanning Module license in order to perform all of the commands found within this training. Sample data will be provided to students once registered.

It is highly recommended that registrants have TBC experience prior to attending this course!

Topics that will be covered in this class:

  • Rendering & Viewing
  • Limit Box & Cutting Plane
  • SX10, X7, TX8 Scan Registration
  • Scan Georeferencing
  • Station Panorama Views, Exports, & Virtual DR
  • Extraction Tools
  • Cloud Sampling
  • Cloud Classification
  • Trimble Clarity
  • And More…
Course Preview Video

Capitalizing on RTK & Infill in Trimble Access & TBC: $75 (Approx. 1.5 hours)

This training is for an advanced RTK user wanting to broaden their work flows to include basic post processing. We will cover project setting in both Access and TBC, field data collection and theory, importing RTK and PPK data into TBC, baseline processing and review reports. The training is 90 minutes in length.

Course Preview Video

Introduction to RTK Surveying: $75 (Approximately 4 hours)

In this virtual session, we touch on all of the basics dealing with RTK surveying. This class will give new as well as experienced users a solid foundation of understanding RTK surveying, and ultimately assist in our goal in helping you feel confident when you survey with your Trimble GNSS solutions. Topics include:

  • GNSS 101 & Coordinate Systems
  • Trimble Access Survey Styles for GNSS/RTK/VRS surveying
  • Job and template setup
  • Linked Files and Active Map backgrounds
  • Measure Points and Measure Codes
  • Feature Coded Linework
  • Stakeout Points

Advanced RTK Surveying: $75 (Approximately 4 hours)

In this 4 hour virtual training we dive deeper into the more advanced workflows and functions related to RTK surveying. Topics include:

  • Data Synchronization using Trimble Sync Manager
  • Adding Computed points, lines, and arcs to your survey
  • Site Calibration
  • Map View Settings and Functions
  • Staking Points, Lines, and Alignments
  • Roads Module – defining and staking a road corridor

This class is perfect for anyone that has taken our “Introduction to RTK Surveying” class and wants to learn more.


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