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10″-12″ Rubber Wheel Set | DT340

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CCTV Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

Set of four rubber wheels. Center your DT340 Pipe crawler in a 10″ or 12″ pipe or provide a wider stance in a larger diameter pipe to avoid tipping.


Rubber Wheel Kit for DT340 Pipe Crawler Operating in 10″-12″ (250-300 MM) Diameter Pipes or Larger


  • Center in 10″-12″ (250-300 MM)
  • Modular Add-on
  • Helps with Stability

The rubber wheel pipe crawler set attaches to the outside of the DT340 base vehicle wheels. Rubber wheels are a great general purpose option for tire material, they work well for concrete and iron ductile pipes.

Available in 2 Different Sizes:

  1. 10″ (250 MM)
  2. 12″ (300 MM)


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