Caviblaster Kit – REVOLUTION

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons

Want to clean marine growth off of surfaces underwater without hiring divers or drydocking? Add a Caviblaster to your REVOLUTION ROV to expand its capability to be able to inspect and clean. Equipped with a 30-meter hose as well as a generator that either comes in Electric or Gas powered options.


Caviblaster for Underwater Cleaning of Vessels, Chains, Intakes and More

  • Electric or Gas Powered
  • Clean Underwater
  • 2,200 to 2,800 psi

Clean chains, propellers, hulls, intake structures and more underwater. This is a safer and more cost effective alternative to using divers to clean a structure or bringing the structure or vessel out of the water for cleaning.

The Caviblaster is mounted on an actuator on the REVOLUTION, which is able to rotate 90 degrees, allowing you to get the optimal angle on the surface that you are cleaning.

The caviblaster uses vaporization, bubble generation and bubble implosion, which generates shockwaves that release tremendous amounts of energy to allow for easy separation from the surfaces being cleaned.


Generator Type:

  1. Electric Powered – 2,200 psi
  2. Gas Powered – 2,800 psi


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