Manipulator Bundle Pack (6 Attachments)

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons
Be prepared for any scenario that your mission may throw at you with the Manipulator Bundle for your ROV’s Two Function Grabber. Included in the bundle are interchangeable measuring and sampling tools and manipulators for different sizes and shapes of objects.


  • Plug and Play on ROV
  • Quick Change Manipulators
  • Robust Aluminum

Each of these manipulators was purpose built for customers with specific tasks in mind. You must have the Grabber on your DTG3 or REVOLUTION in order to add the Manipulator Bundle.


  • Interlocking Jaws
  • Tri-Jaw
  • Caliper
  • Sediment Sampler
  • Water Sampler

Interlocking Jaws

The interlocking jaws are helpful for delicate objects or drowning victim recoveries.


The Tri-Jaw manipulator is best for flat or round objects.


The caliper is great for measuring objects such as chains, small pillars, slabs and more.

Sediment Sampler

The sediment sampler is great for sampling the sea floor or lake bed.

Water Sampler

The water sampler can take in a sample of water into its syringe. It is best used for taking samples from different depths to measure differences in the water column.



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