Ocean Sonics RB9 Hydrophone

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons
Listen and record audio underwater. The hydrophone has a wide range of frequencies, with the ability to hear something as low as the Earth’s tectonic movements up to the sounds of different marine species.


Underwater Passive Listening Device for Listening and Recording Audio from Wide Range of Frequencies

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Integrated into BRIDGE
  • Mountable to DTG3 & REVOLUTION ROVs

Customers use this device in ocean science applications where they are monitoring species patterns and health by listening for them, it is additional data on top of visual data and sample data to help identify species behavior and trends. The Hydrophone mounts to the top or bottom of the DTG3, or the bottom of the REVOLUTION ROV.


Ocean Sonics RB9 Hydrophone Signal Performance

  • Resolution: 16 or 24
  • Maximum Data Rate: 512
  • Minimum Data Rate: 1
  • +/- 3 dB Bandwidth: 200
  • Low Frequency Cuto: 10
  • Minimum Self Noise: 39
  • Voltage Sensitivity: -176
  • Peak Input Level (μPa): 182
  • Dynamic Range, 1.0 Hz BW: 146
  • Peak Input Level (Volts): 6
  • Sigma Delta Modulator Rate: 16.384
  • Full Bandwidth Dynamic Range: 90
  • Dynamic Range, Spectrogram, Full BW: 119
  • Digital Sensitivity, 16-bit, count2 / μPa2: -95
  • Digital Sensitivity, 24-bit, count2 / μPa2: -47

Ocean Sonics RB9 Hydrophone Mechanical

  • Mass (Plastic Case): 478
  • Volume (Displacement): 332
  • Overall Length, Including Connector: 318
  • Sensor Element Length: 117
  • Body (Can) Length: 165
  • Element Diameter: 16
  • Body Diameter: 48

Ocean Sonics RB9 Hydrophone Datasheet


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