Rear-Facing Camera

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CCTV Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

Driving around corners or obstacles in pipes? Equip your DT340 crawler with a rear-facing camera to help monitor your tether as you return or to get a better look as you navigate around obstacles.


Providing Spatial Awareness in 8″ Pipes or Higher


  • Low-light Specialist 0.001 LUX
  • Toggle Views from Controller
  • 650 Lumen LED

The rear-facing camera is mounted to the back of the crawler, in both the small diameter configuration and the elevating arm configuration. This low light specialist camera, combined with LED floodlights, allows you to toggle to a view from the back of the crawler.

This view can be used when navigating back through the pipe during retrieval. If you are navigating a turn or monitoring for obstacles such as rocks or other debris.


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