Sensor Package | Depth, Heading, Temp & More

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons

Understand your position and help your ROV stay on course with the Sensor package. The sensor package has a 9 axis IMU and pressure sensor enabling the ROV to understand its depth, heading, water temperature, pitch, roll and turns count. This also enables you to activate automatic stabilization features to make piloting easier.


Sensor Package for Navigation and Stabilization

  • Auto Heading
  • Auto Depth Hold
  • Active Yaw Stabilization
  • Pitch, Roll & Turns Count
  • Water Temperature

The Sensor Package is a small pod that plugs into the back of the DTG3 or REVOLUTION ROV that provides the operator data on screen.

This data is displayed on the handheld controller live screen and can also be included in the recording to provide context of where you were when you were taking the photograph or recording the video.

Sensor Pod Specs:

Roll: ±3°
Pitch: ±3°
Heading: (Magnetic) ±10°
Temperature: ±2°C
Depth: ±0.5% Full Scale

Depth Data

The depth data tells you how deep the ROV is based on the water above your ROV as well as enables Auto Depth functions to hold depth at a single position or over the span of a dive.

Heading/Compass Data

The heading data indicates the ROV’s compass direction on screen with a rotating compass rose and a number between 0-360 degrees.

The heading can be set to Auto Heading to hold a compass direction while driving in a straight line to ensure staying on course.

Active Yaw Stabilization

When turning, the sensors enable Active Yaw Stabilization, which counter steer at the end of turns to ensure that there is no “drifting” that tends to happen with underwater ROVs.

Drifting can cause the ROV to lose its course, especially in current. The roll indication can help determine if you are in an extremely high current or stuck on an object since it indicates how much the ROV is rotating left/right on the vertical axis.

Pitch Readings

The pitch reading indicates what orientation the ROV has on the vertical axis facing forwards/backwards, which is useful to know when you want to know what direction your add-ons are facing or when you want to lock an angle to ensure optimal performance of a sonar or grabber.

Turns Counter

The turns count is useful to know when you are in tight spaces and want to ensure you are not making circles around obstacles like pilings or pillars.



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