Delair DT18 HD


Capture up to 400km of aerial imagery per day.

Long-Range Mini UAV, Survey Monitor and Inspect

Expert Line

  • High data quality & expert grade technology: 100 km range in 2 kg of condensed technology - realtime video, real-time images, professional camera, long range telecom.
  • Quick return on investment (ROI): covers more distance than any competitor of that size. Drastically reduces acquisition costs for long distance infrastructures and large areas: 400 km or 8000 ha per day.
  • Safe technology: first UAV certified in the world for daily BVLOS operations (since 2012). Design complying with aeronautical certification methods. Advanced safety features (real-time front video, autopilot fail-safe mechanisms, geofencing).
  • Field readiness: hand-launched, automatic takeoff, field proven, with real-time status of the quality of the acquisition; more than 300 000 km of flight experience and 5 min of deployment time.

Professional Services


If you require customized professional services and training, please contact Frontier Precision at 800-359-3703 or reach out to a local Frontier Precision location.