Delair DT26M


Real-time tracking for precise intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance of critical areas.

The Long Range Tactical UAV – Secure Sensitive Areas Over Large Distances

Expert Line

  • Unrivaled image quality with on-board stabilization, video tracking, movement detection, human detection at a distance of more than 1.5 km, both night & day. Real time encrypted video transmitted in a 50 km range.
  • Safety: advanced automatic fail safe modes, with emergency parachute. Safety analysis conducted according to Aeronautical Standards, namely ARP4761.
  • Rugged: field-proven in the harshest conditions (desert, rocks, mountain, tropical forest, snow, etc.), capable of landing on any type of ground, with robust protection for the payload.
  • Stealth & mobile: the DT26M is silent (undetectable by night), has no radar signature and can be deployed in the field within minutes by a single operator.

Professional Services


If you require customized professional services and training, please contact Frontier Precision at 800-359-3703 or reach out to a local Frontier Precision location.