Freefly Alta X – Blue Kit

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Blue UAS Cleared

Built in the U.S.

The Alta X was designed from the ground up to capitalize on the benefits of large, efficient props while maintaining the crisp control and unmatched precision the Alta line is known for.


This special edition Alta X comes with everything you need for a job or client that requires you to fly a Blue listed aircraft. It features an Alta X (with PX4 Blue Cube, RFD900, F9P GPS)*, UXV Navigator Tab,* Cargo Landing Gear, one set of light batteries, and a charger (for the flight batteries). The Alta X ships in a travel case.

For more information about the Alta X and Blue sUAS 2.0, check out their website here.


  • Alta X Airframe with 30A vibration isolators, F9P GPS and RFD900 x1
  • Fuse Mini 297 32V 10A x2
  • Replacement Battery Fastener x2
  • Active Blade Bumper (black) x2
  • Active Blade Bumper (gray) x2
  • M4x16 Combo Head Bolt x5
  • M4x10 Combo Head Bolt x5
  • M3x8 Combo Head Bolt x5
  • M4x14 Combo Head Bolt x5
  • USB C to A Cable (1m) x1
  • Alta X Travel Case x1
  • UVX Navigator Tab x1
  • Cargo Landing Gear x1
  • Alta X 12S Flight Pack – 16AH 20C (single battery) x2
  • EV Peak U4-Pro Enterprise Drone Charger x1


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