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Hydrological Services – Hydra-Pulse & Air Force Series II Advanced Bubbler System

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The Hydra-Pulse is a continuous non-contact water level measurement sensor that is versatile, easy to use and program. Installation is simple and since the sensor measurement is non-contact (installed above the water) accurate water level measurements can be taken even in flood conditions without possibility of damage to the sensor. The next generation Hydra-Pulse is the most accurate in the industry with a measurement accuracy of 2mm up to 115 ft (35 m).

The Air Force Series II Advanced Bubbler System has been designed to replace conventional nitrogen gas bottle supplies for gas purge bubbler systems and is capable of reliable sensing of water heads up to 30 mH2O (100ft), with 200m (600ft) of river -line tubing.


  • Two Models are available the Hydra-Pulse 235 and with a range of 0-115’ and the Hydra-Pulse 275 with a range of 0-246’ and 2mm accuracy.
  • *When combined with the HartBeat and HartBeat Plus additional interface options become available.

Air Force Series II Advanced Bubbler System
  • The HS-40/3100 Series II & HS-40/3100A Series II, with its inbuilt WL3100 pressure transducer, allows the measurement of water to an accuracy of ±0.02% F.S.
  • The HS-40 differs from other bubbler systems, with its ability to purge any moisture in the mist separator out to atmosphere at the end of each pumping cycle. Hence, minimal maintenance is required, longer operational life and higher accuracy in measurement. 

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Hydra-Pulse 235 Brochure

Hydra-Pulse 235 Manual

Hydra-Pulse 235 Quick Start Guide

HS40 II Brochure

HS40 II Manual

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