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Hydrological Services RQ 30 Non-Contact Radar Discharge Measurement System

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The RQ-30 radar sensor measures stage and flow velocity and can be used to produce discharge records at stations where conventional methods cannot be used. Furthermore, it allows direct calculation of the discharge in the sensor. Two techniques of contact free radar measurement are combined in one system.


RQ 30 Non-Contact Radar Discharge Measurement System

The availability of real-time discharge data has become increasingly important to companies who require detailed data quickly for optimal water management strategies. The conventional method is the development of a relation called “stage-discharge rating” by taking periodic measurements of the discharge using mechanical or acoustic current meters for a range of stages. Complex flow conditions may negate stable stage-discharge ratings and make the use of conventional methods impractical or impossible. These conditions include flow reversals, backwater effects, and hysteresis effects.

The determination of the flow velocity is based on the principle of Doppler frequency shift. The water level is determined by transit time measurement. The measurement values are output via a serial interface, SDI-12 or as analog current signals of 4 to 20mA. This allows a simple adoption into any measurement system. The system is installed simply without constructional changes of the channel itself. Existing bridges or buildings can be used to mount the system. The contact free radar technique guarantees a maintenance free operation over years.


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RQ 30L Brochure

RQ 30L Manual

Commander Modelling Manual

METAS Official Certificate of Calibration



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