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Hydrological Services TBH/TBH-LP Heated TB3 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

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The Hydrological Services Tipping Bucket Heater has been designed for use with the Hydrological Services Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges. The device is a thermostatically controlled heating element that raises the temperature of the interior of the rain gauge, funnel, and catch – to avoid the freezing of the gauge in cold climates with subsequent loss of precipitation records.


Hydrological Services TBH/TBH-LP Heated TB3 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

There are two models available: The TBH for sites with access to main power and the TBH-LP (low power) for remote location applications.

The TB Heater is supplied ready to be installed with no settings required. The TB Heater incorporates an SDI-12 interface that allows the operator to configure, monitor and manually control the TB Heater – depending on the system requirements. (It is not mandatory to use the SDI-12 interface – but only optional if more detailed information or control is required.) The SDI-12 interface is optically isolated from the control electronics, because the control electronics may be operated from AC and therefore has separate earthing. The SDI-12 interface requires a separate 12V DC power source.

Points of Interest:

  • Power Requirement AC/DC
  • Low Power Consumption (Only operating when snow is detected.)
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Thermostatically Controlled Heating Element
  • SDI-12 Interface


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TBH Brochure

TBH-LP Brochure

TBH-LP Manual

TBRG Information Report


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