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Hydrological Services Hyquest Solutions Current Meter Counter Signal Processor (CMCsp)

Not available online. Call 1-800-359-3703 to order.

The Hyquest Solutions Current Meter Counter Signal Processor (CMCsp) is a small electronic device used to clean the signal from a mechanically rotating current meter, such as a Price AA or Pygmy meter, and directly reads the velocity on the LCD as well as interfacing to a PDA for computation of velocity and discharge. Meters using a cat whisker head, and ball and wire, contact to perform a mechanical switch closure that can be used with the CMCsp to produce a clean, noise-free signal.


Hyquest Solutions Current Meter Counter Signal Processor (CMCsp)

Main Features:

  • Direct Velocity Reading.
  • Digitally processes and ‘cleans’ signals from Catwhisker and Magnetic Head Meters.
  • Operates with two ‘AA’ batteries.
  • Works in high conductivity water ( > 50,000µSiemens).
  • Self-contained unit with 2×8-character LCD display showing total meter counts and elapsed time.
  • Integrated Bluetooth Interface and RS232 Interface.
  • Also operates with any Palm, PocketPC, or Field Computer.
  • Signal Driver for AquaCalc(s), Sutron DMX and HyQuest Solutions CMC Series Meter Counters.
  • Fully compatible with USGS QCALC Discharge Measurement Software.
  • Fully self-calibrating.
  • ‘Self-Test’ for Serial Interface setup.
  • Can be used to adjust Current Meter contacts (measures meter ‘Dwell Angle’).
  • Can display and produce ‘Spin Test’ record.


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CMCsp Brochure

CMCsp Manual