IF750 Quadcopter

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Limitless Capabilities

NDAA Compliant Quadcopter

The ultimate tool for industrial UAV applications, the IF750 quadcopter couples payload adaptability with a robust architecture to bring operational efficiency to the next level. The IF750’s flexibility allows for multiple full-stack solutions, facilitating physical asset inspections, geospatial applications, defense applications, and more.


The IF750 Quadcopter is closely integrated with both the Gremsy S1 & PixyU, allowing users to choose the necessary imaging sensor. Remote camera control and live geotagging is a key component of the IF750’s ecosystem.

Compatibility with any commercial EO/IR camera makes the IF750 perfect for security and ISR missions. Inspired Flight has vast experience integrating mil-spec cameras and sensors for critical & defense applications.

Easily Deployable: The IF750 comes with a portable travel case that makes it easy to take your UAV on the go. While the case protects both the UAV and payload, the drone’s collapsible architecture allows for set-up and deployment in under five minutes. Whether you are surveying in the field, or inspecting utility assets, completing your mission won’t be hindered by the UAV.

IF750 Product Brochure

IF750 Specifications

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