Laser Technology, Inc. – TruSense S300 Series

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The newly introduced Laser Technology, Inc. TruSense S300 Series are specifically engineered for non-contact fluid level measurement. This series offers the ultimate way to get the measurements needed in applications such as Water and Wastewater, Chemicals Processing, and Food and Beverage industries.


  • These sensors can directly measure highly reflective fluids, including clear water, and even measures turbulent fluids, giving accurate and repeatable results instantaneously. They also provide a sensor that can be shot through protective screens and near flat walls.
  • The S330 industrial laser sensor and ruggedized enclosure combines with a tank adaptor enabling it to fit most tanks and silos. The S330 also uses a visible alignment laser and has RS232 and 4-20mA outputs with HART capability.

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TruSense S300 Documentation

  1. S300 Users Manual, Rev 1
  2. SX00 SX10 SDI-12 Manual

TruSense S300 Specifications

TruSense S300 Users Manual


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