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TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser

$ 1,895.00

Laser Technology TruPoint® 200h Hybrid Laser

The World’s First Hybrid Measurement Technology Laser

Introducing the TruPoint 200h with Hybrid Measurement Technology (HMT)—the world’s first laser to provide accurate long-range outdoor measurements PLUS short-range high accuracy indoor measurements. Once again, LTI is bringing new technology into the laser measurement field by combining a traditional laser rangefinder which uses pulse technology, with a laser distance meter that uses phase technology.


This double duo allows the exciting functionality of getting long range measurements with the laser rangefinder and high accuracy to short ranges with the laser distance meter for getting indoor measurements.

The new TruPoint 200h offers range accuracy from millimeter to centimeter and a rugged dustproof/waterproof design for harsh environments.


Key Features of the TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser include:

  • Hybrid Measurement Technology (HMT): Combines the pulse technology of an outdoor rangefinder with the phase technology of an indoor distance meter.
  • Accurate: Achieves millimeter to centimeter accuracy.
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD): Ultra bright in-view display works in all worksite lighting conditions….indoors or out!
  • Built to Perform: Designed for everyday use under harsh conditions with ultra-rugged IP67 dustproof / waterproof construction for today’s active workforce.
  • Bluetooth Smart Dual Ready Mode: Combines the Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth SMART (Low Energy) wireless technology to connect to any type of data collection device.
  • TruTargeting: Automatically provides the best accuracy and acquisition distance to a given target.
  • HUD LED Display: Allows brightness for any lighting condition with better intensity and contrast.


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