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Microdrones MD4-1000

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Most Popular in its Class: md4-1000

If your goal is to streamline your work and dramatically improve efficiency and productivity, md4-1000 is the aircraft for you. A robust drone with a proven track record of performance, md4-1000 is used by hundreds of companies across the world.

  • Longest flight times on the market. Improve your efficiency by staying in the air longer.
    md4-1000 delivers flight times up to 45 minutes depending on conditions and payload.
  • Tough enough for harsh environmental conditions. Avoid costly delays and stay on schedule.
    The md4-1000 UAV can stand up to intense environmental challenges, from strong winds and magnetic fields to high temperatures, voltage, humidity, and other factors that would ground “fair-weather friend” drones.
  • Payload capacity. md4-1000 can handle most popular sensors.
    This aircraft can carry a payload up to 2.7 pounds (1.2 kilograms).
  • Available with direct georeferencing (DG).
    Far superior to RTK or PPK, this technology provides significant cost savings to users and enables access when images must be georeferenced in challenging locations.
    DG enables corridor mapping.


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