Nikon XF Total Station

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Nikon XF mechanical total stations are packed with features that make survey work easier and faster. There are two models of Nikon XF Series, the XF and XF HP, which differ mainly in the EDM technology.


Nikon XF, Time of Flight EDM

  • 20,000 pulsed laser measurements taken every second to calculate distance based on round trip time from instrument to target.
  • Pulses can be many times more powerful than Phase Shift EDM, resulting in a longer range of up to 5000m.
  • Highly effective for construction, road surveys and other long range projects.
  • Compatible with autofocus for simplied aiming and measuring.
  • Basic Curve Solutions
  • All the fundamental features required to properly manage a survey job.

Nikon XF HP, Phase Shift EDM


  • Measures the phase shift between outgoing and received light for multiple frequencies to calculate distance.
  • Slightly longer measurement times and smaller spot size yield higher accuracy than Time of Fight EDM.
  • Advanced Stakeout including offset staking, slope staking and stake to a DTM.
  • Excels at high accuracy/small spot measurements, such as for steel work, corner measurements, and other detailed projects.

Nikon XF & XF HP Total Station Data Sheet


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