Powered Counter Tether Reel 200 M – 400 M

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Want to make inspections even easier? Add the powered reel option to retrieve your DT300 series crawler automatically. The powered reel also pays the tether out as the crawler goes, in case the crawler needs that little extra push to get through mud or around corners. The powered reel comes with the counter to indicate the length that has been paid out on screen, allowing you to determine where in the pipe your crawler is. The DT340 X and DT300 base packages come with the powered reel included.


Powered reel for automatic tether management and retrieval of the DT340 and DT320 Pipe Crawlers


  • Power-assisted tether management
  • Automatic retrieval system
  • Hybrid or battery operated
  • Distance counter included

The powered reel is an add-on that can be equipped to any DT340 or DT320 base package or added to counter reels after purchase.

The powered reel returns the crawler by pulling the crawler back and managing the tether as it returns. The reel will disengage if it detects any major disruptions and also has a safety shutoff button. The powered reel also uses power to pay the tether out as it drives. The powered reel is battery powered or can be powered via 110-240 VAC power supply.


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