Quantum-Systems Trinity Pro

Next-generation eVTOL Fixed-wing Mapping Drone

The Trinity Pro, with its state-of-the-art flight control system allows for continued adaptation and evolution to meet ever-changing industry requirements. Designed with the needs of tomorrow’s data consumers in mind, the Trinity Pro provides an expanded feature set, capturing and delivering more data in less time than ever before. The Trinity Pro transforms drone capabilities, while remaining easy to operate, and simple to integrate into existing workflows. With minimal downtime and low maintenance requirements, the Trinity Pro positions itself as the easiest to use, and highest performance fixed wing/VTOL drone on the market today.

Designed to Evolve

Trinity Pro is the mapping drone for professionals. It features an extended flight time of 90 minutes and easy to use mission planning software QBase 3D. The choice of integrated cameras is unrivaled – RGB, Oblique, Multispectral and even LiDAR – making it the right tool for any mapping application.

Key Features

Al Ready

The Quantum-Skynode allows for downstream inte­gration of new capabilities, such as Al supported animal counting.

Self-system Checks

Extensive pre-flight checks and auto servo calibration gives the user confidence in the system and little to worry about.

Plan Missions with Ease

Set up to 300 waypoints and benefit from automatic wind simulation and advanced terrain following.

Easy to Carry

A backpack to carry and store the Trinity Pro is offered as an option.

A/B Missions

Take-off and land in different locations enables long corridor mapping.

Drone-based LiDAR Technology

Quantum Systems introduced the Qube 240 LiDAR sensor in 2021, which has been transformative for the industry, offering applications for various ope­rations. Weighing only 935 grams, the Qube 240 produces survey grade results and can be easily mounted to the Trinity Pro.

Terrain Awareness

Down facing LiDAR for safe landing through ground avoidance and embedded landing confirmation.

World-class Support

The new Quantum-Systems Customer Portal is ready to guide new users through all processes and operations with informative online material and courses.


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