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SP85 GNSS Receiver

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The Spectra Geospatial®SP85 is a next generation GNSS receiver that combines decades of GNSS RTK technology with revolutionary new GNSS processing. Featuring the new 600-channel “7G” chipset combined with the patented Z-Blade™ technology, the SP85 system is optimized for tracking and processing signals from all GNSS constellations in challenging environments.


With unmatched connectivity in the GNSS receiver market, the SP85 offers a unique combination of integrated 3.5G cellular, L-band satellite capable GNSS antenna, WiFi and UHF communications with SMS, email and anti-theft technology. These powerful capabilities, packaged in an ultra-rugged housing and patented antenna design, make SP85 an extremely versatile turnkey solution that can be used with unlimited operation time because of the SP85’s hot-swappable, dual battery setup.


  • Patented Z-Blade™ Technology
  • 600-channel 6G ASIC
  • Hot-swappable Batteries
  • Internal TxRx UHF Radio
  • L-band Satellite Capable GNSS Antenna
  • 3.5G Cellular Modem
  • Built-in WiFi Communication
  • SMS and E-mail Alerts
  • Anti-theft Technology
  • Backup RTK
  • RTK Bridge
  • eLevel Technology
  • Trimble® RTX Correction Services

Spectra Precision SP85 Receiver Brochure

Spectra Precision SP85 Receiver User Guide

Spectra Precision SP85 Receiver Quick Start Guide


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