Trimble Water – Telog IFM-32/RU-32mA

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The Telog IFM-32 flowmeter is an easily deployed and cost effective flowmeter, providing highly accurate bi-directional flow measurement for water distribution and raw water pipelines. The IFM-32 is an insertion flowmeter, enabling retrofit in existing networks without service interruption and available in various lengths for permanent or portable applications.

Combined with a Telog Ru-32A series RTU, the Telog IFM-32 enables monitoring of flows, pressures, pumps, valves and pressure transients in a single battery-operated solution.


Telog IFM-32 Digital Insertion Flowmeter

Water Monitoring Solutions:
  • Velocity measurement as low as 0.066 ft/s (2 cm/s)
  • Accuracy up to ± 0.0066 ft/s (2 mm/s)
  • Ease of installation with no interruption to supply
  • IP 68 – Robust for underground deployment
  • Works on pipe diameters from 2.75” to 80”
  • Low velocity monitoring
  • Measurement accuracy
  • No interruption to supply
  • Velocity profiling for improved accuracy
  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • Large range of pipe diameters
  • Sanitary Conformity Certification
  • Waterproof – IP68
  • Digital sensor – accurate flow readings


Telog Ru-32mA – Wireless multi-channel recording telemetry unit for underground monitoring.


  • Water system pressure monitoring
  • Underground water level monitoring
  • Mag meter monitoring
  • Pressure reducing valve (flow and pressure) monitoring
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Single or dual water meter monitoring
  • Meter register input monitoring
  • Insight into consumption for Non Revenue Water.
  • Optimized water and site operations and compliance
  • Real-time situational awareness on Pressure or Bursts
  • Wireless communication via cellular (LTE)
  • Alarm notification
  • Time stamped events
  • User programmable
  • IP68 Rating

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Trimble Telog IFM-32 Data Sheet

Trimble Telog Ru-32mA Data Sheet

Trimble Telog Ru-32mA Quick Start Guide


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