Watts Innovations PRISM Sky

Taking PRISM to New Heights

PRISM Sky takes advantage of the best aspects of the PRISM aircraft, while combining them with the power of Auterion’s ecosystem. Combined with our new KONTACT Ground Control Station, pilots and operators will experience a massive change in the way they interact with the drone.

Cloud Connected

Powered by Auterion's Skynode, PRISM Sky allows customers to have the capabilities like never before in a heavy lift larger aircraft. PRISM Sky is LTE enabled, offering data and video transmission over large distances, real time flight log uploading and viewing, as well as countless other fleet managing services. PRISM just got turned up to 11.

Ready for KONTACT

Combined with our KONTACT Ground Control Station, PRISM Sky is the ultimate aircraft for various industrial applications such as cargo hauling, LiDAR scanning, package delivery, infrastructure inspections, and much more.


PRISM Sky is a fully NDAA Compliant solution that is ideal for drone service providers who require products that are Made in the USA and free of data privacy / cybersecurity concerns.

PRISM Sky is also Remote ID Enabled, allowing operators to meet the latest regulations imposed by the FAA.

Heavy Lift

Capable of flying at 55lbs AUW

Paired with the Watts Smart Lipo

Designed by Watts Innovations for use with the new PRISM Sky aircraft.

This smart battery is capable of communication via UAVCAN to PX4 and Ardupilot enabled aircraft, allowing pilots to see real time battery data like never before. NDAA compliant, robust, and ergonomic, this is next level smart battery technology.

Skynode Inside

PRISM Sky utilizes Auterion's Skynode which is an onboard mission computer, flight controller, and LTE modem all in one. Skynode's rugged design, matched with the PRISM airframe is an excellent combination that offers a robust autopilot solution for the most demanding industrial applications.

Powered by Auterion Enterprise PX4

Utilizing the powerful PX4 architecture, PRISM Sky offers the best of both worlds between open source software and enterprise functionality.

Fleet Management – Auterion Suite

Allowing pilots and program managers to view the health of the fleet in real time. With every drone capable of LTE connectivity, fleet health, flight logs, and analytics can be viewed online in one central portal.

Guided by Auterion Mission Control

The pilot's interface between the drone and Ground Control Station is through the Auterion Mission Control (AMC) Application. AMC is an all-in-one application that allows the user to performa a wide range of tasks, from planning and executing autonomous missions, to setting ISO, focus, and other advanced settings on a Sony A7R camera.

Native – Sony A7R IV Support

PRISM Sky is capable of natively controlling the Sony A7R IV and a multitude of other payloads powered by Auterion's ecosystem.

And Other Auterion Enabled Payloads

A variety of payloads are supported via Auterion's ecosystem to allow plug and play compatibility with many popular sensors.

USA Born – Made Right Here

PRISM Sky is designed, assembled, and supported right here in the USA.

Heavy Lift – Coaxial X8

PRISM Sky, as configured as an X8 Coaxial, is powerful, reliable, efficient, and offers mechanical redundancy.

  • Max Takeoff Weight: 55lbs
  • Dry Weight (without batteries): ~21lbs (final weight TBD)
  • Max Payloads: 25lbs
  • Battery Requirements: 2x 12s 8,000 - 16,000mAh packs
  • Flight Time: 10-45 minutes (dependent upon payload / battery size)
  • Max Tested Speed: 60mph
  • Propeller Size: 28"


Additional PRISM Sky Specifications

  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 1,100mm
  • Autopilot: Auterion Skynode running Enterprise PX4
  • FPV Video: FPV Video Standard
  • Ingress Protection: Water & Dust Protected (Designed to IP54 Standards)
  • Ground Station Controller: KONTACT, Doodle Labs External Radio
  • Internal Peripheral Power: 5v, 12v, 24v on top and bottom of frame
  • External Peripheral Power: 5v, 12v, 24v, 50v
  • External Communications: SBus / Serial / CAN / Ethernet / USB


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