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Geospatial Services

Mobile mapping solutions for
geospatial surveys using
vehicle-mounted laser scanning
and 360-degree imaging
technology. In-house data
processing, feature extraction and
training services also provided.


Frontier Precision UAS/Imaging Services offer our customers the ability to utilize the industry’s most cutting edge technology without committing long term capital to technology that may not have a long term fit in your business. Our expert technical team can help our customer partners on your next job where you may have a need for mobile/static scanning or UAS services but lack the expertise or equipment to fulfill the requirement of the job. This service allows you a “test drive” of the latest technology without the expense of owning it until you are ready!


Frontier VRS is a new service
provided by Frontier Precision Inc.
in the Anchorage, AK region. The
Virtual Reference Stations (VRS)
service provides a continuously
reliable Real Time Kinematic
(RTK) corrections to any GNSS
rovers and machines, and it offers
its users the ability to postprocess
data when required.

We now offer consultation on
periodical monitoring for
infrastructures, bridges, dams, and
subsidence. We have the best
technology and tools offered by
Trimble to offer the monitoring solution
you have been searching for.

We offer a wide array of in-house
professional training courses. Our
offerings cover all of our products
and software for GNSS and
conventional surveying and

Custom training means that we
can offer training on any specific
topic or workflow to fit your
specific needs. Whether at your
facility or ours, our custom training
will allow you focus on just your
specific needs.

GIS Professional Services


A comprehensive work plan will
improve, enhance, and leverage
the capabilities of GIS, connecting
people with maps, data and apps.


Methodical system architecting
and implementation of the work
plan achieves efficiency and
productivity from the start.


Execution of the work plan gives
long-term value and insight from
the Enterprise GIS and other
geospatial technologies. Regular
evaluation of processes and
technological advances will
ensure future problems are solved
and collaboration continues.

Water Resources Data Acquisition Services

Frontier Precision has the
instrumentation and staff to make
accurate flow/discharge
measurements for you in most open
channel, partially full pipe or full pipe
scenarios. Flow/discharge instruments
are also available for rent.

FPI will design, build, install and support
your remote data acquisition system.
We configure complete systems
including sensors, dataloggers,
telecommunications equipment, and the
software to manage, analyze and display
the collected data in a variety of