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When changing over to a new Trimble TDL450 radio that is set up for the FCC Narrowbanding regulations, it is important to use the correct data protocols. This will ensure that your radio is running at its peak capabilities, it will reduce the risk of overheating the radio, and will help extend your battery life. The suggested data protocols and link rates are:

  • 12.5kHz:              Trimmark 3 @ 9600bps
  • 25kHz:                  Trimmark 3 @ 19200bps

Additionally, we recommend using CMRx to optimize the transmissions of RTK corrections. CMRx uses 40% of the bandwidth of older CMR+ messages. Using CMRx will reduce heat, double battery life and ensure enough bandwidth to transmit corrections.

 Also take note that the base radio configurations also need to be made to the GPS rover radio in order for the two radios to communicate. There are a few different ways this can be done depending on your current system configuration. For more information on this topic, please contact the technical support staff at 888-797-4774.


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