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Routine Annual Maintenance


  • Trimble TSC2, TSC3
  • Trimble Geo XM, XT, XH Handheld (2003-2008 series) 6000, 7X
  • Trimble R4, R6, R8M2-4, R10 GPS Receivers

Services Covered on Controllers without GPS (TSC2, TSC3, TCU, Ranger, Recon, Nomad)

  • System Inspection – general physical damage inspection – test torque on external screws
  • Verify and install most current operating system (subject to valid support agreement)
  • Verify and install most current software version (subject to valid support agreement)
  • Run diagnostic checks on touch screen, keyboard, battery, serial loop back, audio, backlight, and NAND memory
  • Clean and calibrate touch screen
  • Check connectivity to charger
  • Check connectivity to Mobile Device Center
  • SD and CF Cardport test
  • Perform maintenance per any applicable service bulletin
  • Check and record warranty status (per Trimble records)
  • TSC2/Ranger Stress Test
  • Check Bluetooth and Internal Radio where applicable

Services Covered on Handhelds with Integrated GPS (Geo XM, XT, XH, Nomad w/GPS)

All services listed above that are applicable, as well as:

  • Verify and install latest GPS Firmware
  • Field Test GPS ensuring proper GPS reception
  • Check external antenna port for proper GPS reception

Services Covered on GPS Receivers Only (R4, R6, R8M2-4, R10)

All services listed above that are applicable, as well as:

  • Verify and install latest GPS Firmware (subject to valid support agreement)
  • Test all ports – test power and communication
  • Perform LED test
  • Receiver memory check
  • Record RTK receiver frequencies – test internal radio
  • Field Test GPS ensuring proper GPS reception
  • Test and verify Bluetooth connectivity
  • Verify and install latest Bluetooth and Radio Firmware
  • Verify and test WIFI where applicable

Frontier Precision RAM Service also qualifies the unit as inspected and eligible for Trimble extended hardware warranties.

(*** certain exclusions apply, check with your local FPI Service department for details***)

Any additional services requested will be billed at regular rates.


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Technical Services


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