Wireless monitoring for rail, construction, mining, and more — made seamless.

Now you can measure tilt, load, and strain from your desk, with no hard hat required.

Senceive is the world’s most reliable and robust remote condition monitoring solution for geotechnical and structural monitoring applications in the rail, construction, mining, utilities, and infrastructure sectors.

Senceive delivers stable, precise and highly user-friendly data anywhere in the world from your geotechnical monitoring and structural monitoring installations. Our proven, easy to deploy, and long-life systems are the benchmark for wireless remote geotechnical and structural monitoring solutions. Our data visualization tools work through our software or yours.

What sets Senceive apart.

  • Designed for and by civil engineers and surveyors
  • A 13-year plus track record of dependability
  • High precision and repeatable sensing
  • Sensors for measuring tilt, displacement, strain, load, water pressure, temperature, and more
  • Wireless and mains or solar 3G gateways
  • Choice of platforms: dense and fast reporting v. long range

In order to provide clients with remote condition monitoring solutions in the widest range of environments, we offer two distinct communications platforms built for different applications.


FlexiMeasure is a lightweight inclinometer designed for structural and geotechnical monitoring applications. Multiple segments can be connected in series to form a chain of flexibly coupled sensors. Because FlexiMeasure uses triaxial sensors it can be installed in any orientation.

Nano & Nano+

The Nano and Nano+ are discreet triaxial sensors that can be quickly installed in any orientation to any surface in tunnels, on bridges, building facades, and more. 

3D Gateway

The FlatMesh 3G Gateway is a fully integrated unit which provides all the functionality required to operate a FlatMesh wireless sensor network in a remote location. No fixed IP address is required for the cellular service; the Gateway initiates the connection with the FlatMesh Web Monitor software over the Internet. It’s fully operational for three weeks, on its internal battery.

Tilt Beam

The Tilt Beam is a lightweight, rigid aluminum beam. It can measure longitudinal settlement, tunnel convergence/divergence, and lateral displacements. It’s fully wireless. Low friction, weather resistant bearings don’t need maintenance or lubrication. And it automatically compensates for thermal expansion and misalignment of support brackets.

Sensor Interface Range

Senceive’s sensor interface range allows a scope of external geotechnical and structural sensors to be easily integrated into our monitoring architecture. The Vibrating Wire Node accommodates strain gauges, load and pressure cells, IPIs, and extensometers. The Millivolt Sensor Node brings a wide range of resistive bridge sensors into our system; such as load pins/cells, pressure sensors, and torque sensors. The PT100 RTD Sensor Node allows for precision temperature monitoring for assets; including rail, concrete and steel structures, and heating/ventilation systems. Our Crack Sensor Nodes interface to linear displacement sensors to measure movement between two points.

Optical Displacement Sensor

The Optical Displacement Sensor node is a wireless laser displacement monitoring device with a repeatability of ±0.15mm, even at 100-150m. It is fully enclosed and integrated within our standard FlatMesh® wireless measurements and includes an integrated triaxial tilt sensor.

Senceive Has An Outstanding Track Record With Some Of The Biggest Rail, Engineering And Construction Projects.

Senceive’s wireless monitoring solutions are currently widely used across Rail and Construction infrastructure assets to provide wire free and mains power free, reliable and precise monitoring solutions for multiple applications.

Senceive has an outstanding track record with some of the biggest rail, engineering and construction projects.

Senceive’s wireless monitoring solutions are currently widely used across Rail and Construction infrastructure assets to provide wire free and mains power free, reliable and precise monitoring solutions for multiple applications.

More than 10,000 railroad sensors were installed in 2020 alone. This document highlights just a few of the rail sites where users have applied Senceive technology.

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