Spike: Photo-based Measurements
For Geospatial Applications














Spike is a smart laser measurement solution for all types of geospatial applications. With Spike, you can quickly measure the width, height and area of objects, such as buildings or other assets, simply by taking a photo from your smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can measure the distance between two points and quickly and safely capture a target’s location, your location, and a georeferenced image of the target. Data collected with Spike can be imported into GIS software including Collector for ArcGIS® and Survey123 for ArcGIS®. The Spike device and Spike mobile app transform your smartphone or tablet into a comprehensive geospatial measurement solution.

Bringing Measurements Within Reach

Cut Costs


Cut your field data acquisition costs.
Capture remote GPS location and
measurements during
field surveys without ladders,
bucket trucks or expensive
GPS equipment.

Increase Productivity


Replace expensive and complicated GPS
handheld devices with Spike and get more
of your staff into the field. All it takes is one
person to collect location and measurement
data for a project, allowing you to grow your
field data collection, inspection and
reporting capacity. End user confidence is
increased by using the photo documentation.

Save Time


Collect data faster with Spike, reducing your field collection and measurement time to minutes. Faster data collection time leads to faster turnaround for reports and analyses. Photos and measurements are stored in either the mobile app or Spike Cloud, and can be organized into files or remeasured. No return trips are needed
for additional measurements.

Improve Reporting


With Spike, you can capture 5x more geospatial data than commercial smartphones and tablets. By capturing real-time measurements from a photo, including GPS location, distance, length and square footage, you can provide more accurate surveillance, inspection, reporting and analysis.

Integrate with ArcGIS®


All of the data collected with Spike can be imported into Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS while in the field or
back at the office. When cataloging a feature or an asset, you can include the Spike photo with measurements so the full
history with photos is easily accessible.

Safer Field Operations


Capture measurements with Spike from a safe location and distance. There is no need to access the object in order to take measurements. Simply stand at a safe distance, aim the Spike laser at the object you wish to measure, and take a photo from your smartphone or tablet.

The Spike device pairs with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Spike’s laser rangefinder works jointly with your smartphone or tablet’s camera, GPS, compass and connection to the Internet.

Photo Measure:
Real-time Measurements
From a Photo

Once on-site, capture a photo of an object, such as a building, using your smartphone or tablet and Spike. Then, draw measurements on the photo, such as area, height, width, and length using the Spike mobile app or the Spike Cloud. These measurements can be used to determine building heights, and dimensions of windows and doors for urban tactical operations.

Measure the Distance
Between Two Points

Point-to-Point Measurements help you determine what size equipment you need for access, how much distance you need to cover or the dimensions of a landing zone. Aim Spike at an object, such as the base of a building, and take a photo. Then, aim and take a photo of your second object, such as adjacent ground cover. Spike will calculate the distance and slope between those two points.

Export & Share
Photos &

Measurements are saved with the photo and can be exported from the Spike app or Cloud in industry standard formats, including JPG, PDF, KMZ, Spike file (XML) or sharable URL. Photos and measurements collected with Spike can be imported into GIS software including Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 for ArcGIS. You can easily access your original photo at any time via the Spike app or your browser to view or remeasure the photo.

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