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Welcome to our Frontier Precision Geospatial Support. Our goal is to continually update this site with beneficial and helpful information to maximize your experience with, and knowledge of, all of our products and services.



Measuring Clearances Using Scan Data in Trimble Business Center

In this Tech Talk we demonstrate how to utilize Trimble Business Center to calculate clearance measurements. The point cloud data was captured using a Trimble SX10 scanning total station. These tools are great to use when measuring bridges, tunnels, and other...

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NGS and OPUS are offline

Does the current government shutdown have you singing the OPUS blues? Due to this shutdown, the NGS website and OPUS are currently shut down and not accessible. However, know that Frontier Precision and Trimble have your back! As a comparable alternative to OPUS,...

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Walk-through of the Compute Point functions within Trimble Access COGO

This is the second video of our Trimble Access COGO series. In this Tech Talk we provide a walk-through of the various Compute Point functions in the Trimble Access COGO menu. These are powerful tools to complete tasks such as laying out parcel corners, rebuilding an...

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